Thai Hand Massage

Thai Hand Massage is a message of the hands, legs and feet.  At its core is the belief that there are ten major energy lines running through the body from the top of the head to the soles of the feet.
The lines end in pressure points on the feet and these points are manipulated to remove blockages from the energy lines and so improve the flow of natural energy around the body.  The aim is to work not only on the body and mind but also the client’s spirit. The client lies on the couch whilst the therapist works on the legs and then the feet.  The major section of the massage is the foot section during which pressure points are


stimulated and the joints and muscles are manipulated. The treatment ends with a hand massage that is similar, but shorter, to the foot massage.

Benefits include: a release of tension in the muscles, an improvement in joint mobility, improved circulation in the legs, hands and feet, stimulation of the lymphatic system which aids drainage of excess fluids and helps the removal of toxins, a relief from stress symptoms such as mental fatigue and anxiety, a feeling of relaxation and well being

True Massage is an Art
A Magic Touch!


It relaxes the body and nurtures the soul.
It’s an amazing therapy that gives you a powerful feeling of well being,
reduces stress and relieves your body of ailments.

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