Swedish Massage

If you are going to a spa or massage center in for the first time, the chances are good that for your first massage, you will choose to have a Swedish massage. It is probably one of the most well-known types of massage out there, so much so that in Europe it is actually called the “Classic Massage”.

Often thought of as a “beginner’s massage,” Swedish massage therapy is an excellent way to relax your muscles and to help you feel more energized. Swedish massage is a form of massage that uses long and slow strokes, or fast, vigorous ones. It depends on what the aim of the massage is. The aim is usually the relaxation of the muscles and to promote an overall feeling of well-being.


Swedish massage therapy helps to improve circulation in the body, to increase the levels of oxygen in the blood, to decrease toxins in the muscles and body and to improve flexibility all while easing tension in the boy. During a Swedish massage, the therapist uses special oils on your body which will cover the area that is to be massaged. She then employs a series of different massage techniques to loosen up the muscles, work out knots and stimulate blood flow. One of the main goals of this form of therapeutic massage is to provide a sense of relaxation. When choosing a massage therapist, it is very important that you chose one that asks about your medical history and where you are currently experiencing discomfort. A good therapist will use this information to provide you with the best massage experience, focusing on the areas that need it the most, and making proper allowances for your specific medical conditions.

True Massage is an Art
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It relaxes the body and nurtures the soul.
It’s an amazing therapy that gives you a powerful feeling of well being,
reduces stress and relieves your body of ailments.

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