Hot Stone Massage

If you are new to the world of massage, you may be asking yourself what is a hot stone massage?

Hot Stone Therapy combines the use of heated basalt stones with therapeutic massage. In this relaxing and healing massage, stones of various weights and sizes are placed on specific areas of the body which tend to hold stress or tension. For example, the back muscles, neck, abdomen and parts of the face. The heated stones are also oiled and the massage therapist will use then in flowing strokes to relax the entire body.

The heat from the stones begins to relax the entire body almost immediately. A Hot Stone Massage eases muscle tension and the effects that stress has on the body.


What should I during a Hot Stone Massage? Hot Stone Therapy sessions usually last about an hour. The heated stones may be placed on and under your body. When you are laying face down, they are typically set on the sacrum (the bone located at the base of your spine), on the back, in each of your hand and around the feet. When you are laying face up the stones may be placed on your belly and between your toes. Depending upon your sensitivity to head, a towel or light sheet may be placed between your skin and the stones. The temperature can be adjusted easily so you will want to let the massage therapist know how they feel on your body.

While the stationary stones are left on your body, others are used in slow, gentle and gliding strokes allowing your muscles to relax. Many people receiving a hot stone massage fall asleep because it is so relaxing. You may wish to rest afterwards to get the most benefits of this stress-reducing massage.

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