Deep Tissue Massage

What Is Deep Tissue Massage and how does it work?

Are you having serious problem with pain related to muscle or nerve injuries? If so, then a deep tissue may be exactly what you need to get you on road to feeling better. Deep tissue therapy (also called deep muscle therapy) is a therapeutic

massage that focuses on the deep layers of tissue and muscles. This form of massage therapy is is used mainly in cases where a client is experiencing some type of chronic or severe pain, such as the neck or back.

Your massage therapist will apply pressure to the affected points with her fingers and even her elbows. There might be a level of discomfort, but you therapist should warn you beforehand and you should tell her when it becomes too uncomfortable.


True Massage is an Art
A Magic Touch!


It relaxes the body and nurtures the soul.
It’s an amazing therapy that gives you a powerful feeling of well being,
reduces stress and relieves your body of ailments.

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